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9 Digital Marketing Tips For Sydney Dentists

9 Digital Marketing Tips For Sydney Dentists

Digital marketing as we know it has changed significantly over the last decade or so, and dentists are no exception to this trend. Just as mobile-friendly websites have become an essential element of dental marketing, social media and online marketing such as Google SEO for dentist and Email marketing have also become an integral part of the marketing campaign for any dental practice, large or small.

In fact, when practiced effectively, these digital marketing can even work in tandem with one another to expand the reach of your dental practice online and draw new patients in from all the surround areas! But how do you actually get started with digital marketing as a dentist or dental practise?

Run an SEO Audit

SEO audit is a technical SEO document that contains a list of actions you should take to improve your website. There are plenty of software that allows you to run an SEO audit and help with improving your dental website’s organic search performance, such as ahref, semrush, Moz and Screaming Frog.

Running an SEO audit on a regular basis will help you spot issues early and help make sure your website can perform well in search engines. Even if you have someone do it for you, it’s still helpful to understand what these tools are telling you about your site. That way, when problems arise or rankings start to drop off after an algorithm update, you know what happened and what caused it. If you are interested in doing an SEO audit for your dental website, we can do it for you for free.

Want to know more details and process about SEO audit? Read this article.

Build An Email List

Digital marketing has no future without an email list. In fact, it can be argued that it doesn’t have a present. The most successful digital marketers get to know their customers by nurturing a direct relationship over time and use email as their key tool for staying in touch with them. Create a list and keep adding subscribers who are interested in your products and services, not just your sales messages.

Develop meaningful relationships with these people and they will reward you with loyalty when you need it most. Trust is built slowly, but lost quickly; nurture trust by knowing what your customers need before they do!

Start A Podcast

Starting a podcast is probably one of the most overlooked ways to get your dental practice in front of new potential audience. People are bombarded with commercial messages all day, so when they come across a podcast that is both entertaining and educational, they will Likely to stick around more.

Of course you don’t need any equipment or experience with starting a podcast; all you need is good content and maybe an idea for something to call it. The best way to create great content is by talking about topics other people haven’t covered, so if you can think up an angle that hasn’t been done before, or if you want to cover something from a different perspective, start a podcast for your dental practice.

Use Dental SEO and PPC Ads as your Weapons

There are a variety of ways you can use online advertising to market your dental practice. You can try paid ads on Google or Facebook, which can generate fast results.

A slower but more cost-effective method would be running SEO campaigns for your dental service. It would take usually 3-6 months for a new website to rank for certain dental related keyword, but once your website appears on the first page, the clicks are free unlike the Pay per click ads that you have to keep paying for. Remember, online marketing is a long-term game, so focus on creating content that will attract prospects in its own right without relying on advertising revenue solely.

Engage In Social Media To Boost Google Rankings

While Google is rolling out new search algorithms to weed out spam, there’s a good way to boost your Google rankings than by building a strong following on social media sites and linking social content back to your webiste. If you want more people finding your dental practice online via social media, start by putting yourself out there in front of them.

Many people don’t realize in 2022, social signals is still an important ranking factor for SEO.

Read on Relationship Between SEO and Social Media.

Develop A Brand Site

Your website is your online dental practice; think of it as a digital storefront. While you can’t assume that people will visit your site just because you have one, it’s still important to put in the effort to ensure that customers can find you if they want to.

Today, it’s more important than ever to invest in creating a professional-looking brand website with engaging content and strong design elements. A well-developed and user-friendly site should be at the top of your list when it comes to establishing an online presence for your practice, so don’t hesitate: Hire a designer or create one yourself with tools like Squarespace or Wix.

Start Guest Posting On Top Sites

Guest posting is one of our favorite ways to market myself and help people in my niche. I’ve gotten a lot of links and traffic from doing guest posts. The more relevant your post is to their audience, the more likely you are to get a link back in your guest post—and that’s how you build up a bunch of natural links pointing at your site.

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