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6 Tips for Improving Your Dental SEO Ranking

Dental practices are popping up all over the place in Sydney, with many different marketing strategies in play to attract new patients. The traditional marketing mix such as newspaper, flyers and post cards may not cut through the clutter as much as they did from a decade ago.

In the last a few years, online marketing has become more and more important for dental service to attract local customers, especially for the newly established dental services. Within the online marketing mix, SEO is certainly one that cannot be missed.

Here are six great tips to help you improve your dental SEO ranking and increase traffic to your website:

Optimize on-page SEO

The easiest way to improve your dental SEO ranking is to make sure you have good SEO on every page of your website. (SEO means search engine optimization.) Think about it—if someone types in a search term and lands on your website, it’s really important that they find what they were looking for! That’s why on-page SEO is so important.

If customers are looking for a specific service like dental implant or Invisalign, make sure you have landing pages specifically tailored to these services and wordings. Generic service pages are not going to be effective in ranking on Google. Both Google and the customers are looking for specific information and they want to see it within seconds of landing on your website.

Write quality content

If you’ve ever tried to fix a website’s broken link problem, you know how frustrating it can be. Whether it’s fixing dead links on a WordPress site or finding old content that needs reworking, making sure your dental office has an up-to-date and accurate website is an important step in improving your dental SEO ranking.

First, you’ll want to make sure all of your pages contain quality content—that means writing unique descriptions of services offered on each page. Use simple language and words so that the customers can understand the content easily.

Then you’ll want to check internal linking; if a reader comes across one of your practice’s non-existent pages, they should be able to find another relevant page quickly and easily.

Build backlinks

Building backlink to your website will help you achieve better keyword rankings on Google. Building backlinks can be as simple as establishing social media profiles or local business directories with backlinks pointing to your website.

The other backlinking method people always overlook is to think about the business partners you have in the real world. If your partners and friends have websites, it could be a good idea to ask them to point a few backlinks to your dental website.

Update your dental website regularly

Sometimes, dentists forget to update their own website, which is bad news if you want to rank well in Google. In fact, it’s just as important to keep your website updated as it is to create new content. Just check your existing content and add new pages when needed. Regularly updated content will help you rank higher on Google as well.

If you aren’t sure what to add or how often to update, start with these questions: Are there any pieces of content on my site that are older than six months? Does my current content have any broken links? Do I need more information about a specific service or procedure? Would a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page help people understand one of my services better? How can I better organize and present my services on my homepage?

Think about video, and think twice

Lastly, video is something that can help you engage with your patients effectively, sometimes video can explain a complicated dental concept or idea quite effectively. At the same time, video content often give you the SEO ranking boost, but not every dental practice is taking advantage of this method.

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