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Get your painting business a Number One Ranking In Search Results

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most cost-effective ways to help your business grow, especially for local painters like you who want their services to be seen by people close by who are in need of their services! 

If you’re trying to build a successful painting business, local listings are vital. Most customers begin their search for home improvement services on Google and local directories. How do they do that? It all comes down to search-engine optimization (SEO), which increases your visibility in local searches and helps drive traffic your way.

You may be a terrific painter, but if you’re not an expert in Internet marketing, you’ll want someone who has experience working in your niche, who provides high-quality work and who stays within your budget. We have been working on search engine optimization for painting industry for years now and our experience will guarantee your satisfaction.

What You Will Be Benefited From a SEO Expert?

We specialize in providing a virtual storefront for painters to showcase their work.  Our search engine optimization (SEO) services include optimizing your site for local searches and giving you access to our proprietary painter-friendly keywords that will help you to grow your business and give you an edge over their competitors in this challenging economic climate

You will be able to reach out to new customers. A good SEO plan for your painting business will help you get clients who are searching for painters in your area. And when you reach these new clients, they are more likely to engage you because they already have some knowledge of what you can do for them. What are you missing out on if you don’t have a good SEO plan? More monetary loss and time pressure. When you start to market online without having an expert by your side, you will make mistakes that will cost you. We, as experienced practitioners in this field, are committed to helping you achieve the results you are most comfortable with.

What You Get From Our SEO Service

Customized Approach

At Digital Channel, we believe in an ethical, white hat, holistic and solution-driven approach to improving search engine rankings.

Experienced Specialists in SEO

We have worked hard over the years to build up a team of SEO specialists and wordpress developers that can help you get found online.

Formal and Comprehensive Strategies

To ensure our client’s websites are getting their full potential out of search engines like Google and Bing, our team works with your wordpress website on a comprehensive range of strategies such as keyword research/analysis, technical optimisation and link building.

Frequently Asked Questions on Painter SEO

If you’re a painter looking for more organic traffic to your website, all your questions are answered here. These are some of our most asked; however, if you want to know more, please book a call with us.

Yes! The truth is that one of these things—your website or your Facebook page—is likely to be better than nothing, but both are a much better choice. A Facebook page should be considered social media. That’s a nice place to interact with people about your brand, but if people want to contact you directly for any reason, they’re going to expect a way to do it. Your website gives them that contact method. Your website also gives you another crucial tool: Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Marketing yourself on social media is great and all, but it’s not going to bring potential customers in off of Google search results.

The short answer is, yes. But it takes more than just a great website to become one of Google’s top results. There are many things that go into optimizing your site and getting it to show up on page one of search results. If you want to see increased traffic, you have to put in some effort on your end too!

Keyword strategy refers to how you choose your most important words and phrases, known as keywords.

Keywords are what people type into search engines in order to find a web page on your site. Choosing an appropriate keyword strategy is key to maximizing traffic from search engines like Google and Bing. Keywords can be repetitive or unique. For example, if you were selling shoes, you might use women’s shoes as a repetitive keyword and high heels for special occasions as a unique keyword.

Monthly search volume (MSV) is simply referring to how often a search query or keyword is used in a search engine each month. For example, MSV reveals that 1,600 people in Burwood search for dentists each month.

Doing an MSV will reveal how many people are looking for a dentist in your area and the type of keywords they are using to be more specific about how we target new clientele.

Painter choose our painting specific service because they have experienced less than satisfactory experience from general agencies that don’t have a painting focus.

With a bespoke agency like ours, you will experience a focussed and unique difference in our services by:

  • Being transparent about your campaign – targeted keywords, search volume and how we will get your website to rank.
  • Our primary focus is acquiring new clients for your dental practice.
  • We follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.
  • Open communication through regular meetings.

Rankings are dependent on other local competition and the services you offer. We regularly keep you up-to-date with progress, any milestones reached and where we’re going next.

There are varying factors that impact the cost of your painter SEO campaign. You will pay between $1200 to $2000 per month on average.

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Website and Digital Marketing All Done Locally

Located in Sydney, we are a team of experienced developers and SEO consultants who deliver comprehensive SEO strategies and website development. With a combined 30+ years experience in the industry, we believe in working directly with our clients without the so-called account managers.

As a progressive, forward-thinking team, we look at your website and beyond to make your vision a reality. Regardless of the challenge, we deliver quality and success to our clients, working seamlessly on landing pages, SEO, social media, a user-centric approach, ongoing maintenance and other web marketing and design approaches.

We are not just another web design and creative agency; we are a talented group of professionals driven to deliver tailored solutions and plans for optimum sales results for our clients.


No matter what industry you’re in, come and see how we can help you elevate your online marketing.

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