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Looking for An SEO Specialist in Chatswood?

Chatswood is an affluent North Shore suburb with diversity and spending power in the community, full of quality dining, retail, professional service and trades business opportunities. to the data of Australian business register, the number of small to medium size business registrations in Chatswood has grown the most compared to the surrounding suburbs.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is largely responsible for helping your business in Chatswood drive traffic, leads and sales through your website. When you rank well in Google search results for searches related to your business and service, it can drive more sales potentially.

Digital Channel specialises in working on effective local SEO strategies to make your business stand out in Chatswood and the surrounding north shore suburbs. We have helped many trade, retail, and professional services businesses in the Chatswood with their SEO.

Ji Huang
Ji Huang
Prompt response. Reasonably priced. Very accommodating. Highly recommended.
chi qiao
chi qiao
A friend of us recommended Digital Channel to us, nice guys, easy to deal with. Helped us implement the SEO things quite quickly. We are getting a few leads from the website nowadays.
Chester Wenlee
Chester Wenlee
we have worked with Jacky and Mia at Digital channelfor a few years on our website and online campaigns. They know a lot about the wordpress sites, and online marketing. Great team to work with.
Willien Jakes
Willien Jakes
Built us a new wordpress website for our flooring business in Sydney. It is clean, nice and stylish. Nothing to complain about.
Xiaojun Zhou
Xiaojun Zhou
Jacky is so professional and helpful!! We had great experience and outcome with SEO strategy!! THANK YOU!!
Xiaomeng Yu
Xiaomeng Yu
Great service!
Yi Liu
Yi Liu
Professional, always think the best way for client.
Si Yuan Huang
Si Yuan Huang
Worked with Jacky. Provided great advice and was very generous with sharing his experiences and expertise. Professional in the way they deal with us. Website was built in 4-5 weeks time as we needed the site urgently. Couldn’t be happier.
yuying wei
yuying wei
From the first call we had with Jacky and Mia, they have been professional and easy to work with. They delivered the web design draft to us wihtin 2 weeks, we were happy with the design, then they went on and built it for us on Wordpress platform. The website turned out to be so much better than the old site we had. We would have no hesitation in recommending them for web design service.

Key Elements of SEO Optimisation

The key elements of SEO for Chatswood businesses would be the length and quality of the content on the website, backlink profile, website’s mobile user experience, website page load speed, social media profile, age of the website domain and more.

We usually start with a thorough SEO keywords research to identify a group of keywords that are relevant to our client’s product or service, also make sure the keywords have decent search volume with approachable keywords difficulty. Then we would start the SEO optimisation campaign with our clients.

It usually takes 2- 6 months for keywords to go onto Google’s first page, which is when significant amount of traffic will flow to the website.

What You Get From Our SEO Service

An SEO Strategy Tailored for Your Chatswood Business

Our SEO team at Digital Channels have worked with clients from more than 100 industries across Chatswood and Sydney’s North Shore. We do have a lot of industry specific knowledge that we could share with our clients. At the same time, we know that every business is unique, we will tailor the SEO strategy for your business after the initial strategy meeting. Our goal is to maximise the leads volume and sales value for your business via SEO

More Than 4 Experts Working With Each Client

We will have a team of 4 specialists working on each client’s SEO project, and we are not exaggerating. As SEO projects are multidisciplinary, we will have a team of experts including a technical SEO person, a web developer, a copy writer, and last but not the least a web analyst to drill into the stats on your website traffic, SEO rankings, and competitor data to help us achieve better SEO results.

Transparency and Fast on Actions

SEO is about the technical knowledge and experience we have accumulated in the market over the last 10 years, we use the most suitable technique and best practice along with Google’s latest algorithm updates and ranking signals.  The success in SEO campaigns is also enabled by fast implementation of the seo strategy and action points. Our team works with clients on daily basis to help you push through the action points, because we want to see the success of SEO bringing your phone calls, sales and leads.

You Will Love SEO and the ROI

Most of our clients find themselves become SEO experts after working with us for a few months. When keywords rankings improve, more leads and sales naturally follow through, which is when we prove the value and ROI on SEO. Potentially we can help you build a passive and sustainable lead channel for your business. Of course, the competition is always there in any market, hard work is always required before we see strong results.

Frequently Asked Questions on SEO for Chatswood

With our professional team working on effective local and national SEO strategies, your website will benefit from an SEO campaign in as little as 4-6 weeks. When we talk about results, we mean a measurable increase in traffic, keyword ranking, and relevant leads or sales conversions.

We have been providing SEO services for many different industries, we have helped businesses in trade, retail, and professional services around Chatswood.

In contrast to other popular marketing channels, search engine optimisation does not give immediate results. Most businesses can expect to see noticeable traffic and leads growth within 6 to 9 months. Whether we can push the website to Google’s first page depends on the effort we put behind the SEO campaign, as well as the competition in the market. We always talk with our clients that we need to help them outperform their competitors.

Typically, the cost of SEO service in Chatswood goes from $1,200 per month. It will depend on the type of business you have, how competitive the keywords are in your industry and your SEO goals. Our team will assess your current SEO status and provide a quote based on your situation and SEO goals.

While some say this is due to algorithm changes, Google updates or negative SEO, we believe that your website traffic has dropped simply because you have not implemented all the on-page and off-page optimisations correctly.

It is important to remember that organic search is an ongoing task and there are no shortcuts to better rankings. the right strategy paired with consistent approach will improve the website ranking and traffic eventually.

Long-tail keywords are search terms that generally have less traffic than short-tail keywords (also known as the head terms), but they get a lot more specific. For example, “running shoes” is a short-tail keyword, but “best black running shoes for flat feet” is long-tail. Long-tail keywords tend to generate higher conversion rates and are easier to rank onto Google’s first page. If you’re targeting local customers and want to rank in search engines like Google, it pays to focus on long-tail keywords as well as the head term keywords.

Like any business, you need to allocate budget between different marketing channels. Google AdWords can give you an instant boost, but once it reaches a plateau, which it inevitably will, that alone won’t take you to new heights of success.

So yes, if you want to grow your business and reach more people, even locally, you need local SEO services.

People often think of WordPress as just a blogging platform. But it is so much more than that. WordPress is also a content management system, which means you can use it to run your website too. It’s built on PHP and MySQL so you can quickly publish new pages,


No matter what industry you’re in, come and see how we can help you elevate your online marketing.

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