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The Best SEO Tips for Painters

By following these SEO tips, you can potentially rank higher onto Google’s first page, which means more website traffic and even more customers. What are you waiting for? Let’s learn how to improve the SEO game for your painting business.

The Importance of Keywords

Keywords are words and phrases that potential customers may use to search for a product or service. Keywords are important for any type of business because they are the foundation of a good SEO campaign.

When someone searches for painting services in Sydney, it’s up to you to appear in search results if you want to get their business. SEO for painting business is a very competitive industry, so choosing keywords can be tricky and super important. For example, do you want to rank on Google’s first page when someone searches “Painter Sydney” or “house painter parramatta” or “strata painter Sydney”. Each keyword has its own search volume, keyword difficulty and customer buying intent. So choosing the right keyword is as important as working on the SEO campaign later on.

Contact a good SEO agency for painters for a complimentary keywords research. At Digital Channel, we provide comprehensive keywords research for Painter SEO before we start the work, so you know how long it takes to go to Google’s fist page, and what’s search volume for the keywords.

Long-Tail Keywords

When talking about SEO for painters, people immediately think of keywords like “ painter SEO”, however people may overlook the longtail keywords.

If you are trying to figure out how to find long-tail keywords for painters on your site, here are a few tips. For example, if you specialise in certain areas, and residential or commercial painting jobs. You can think about longtail keywords like “3 bedroom painter north Sydney”. Such a keyword definitely gets searched less than “Sydney painters”, however the buying intent is super specific, and it takes much less time to rank on Google’s first page, which means you would get leads in the niche much quicker.

Read How to Carry Out Long Tail Keywords Research to know more.

Site structure and organization

Knowing how to optimise site structure and organise site content for painting business can increase your ranking in search engines. When you understand how people search, you can structure your website to best serve their needs.

This means that people are more likely to find what they’re looking for. For example, if I want a painting quote from you and I want to see a quote form on your site that allows me to complete my request quickly and get off of your site. I don’t want to fill out 10 fields before getting a price. All those other fields simply distract me from finding what I really came for – a simple quote for my painting project.

Title Tags and Metas

The title tags and meta descriptions of your site is one of the first impression that you can make to a search engine and therefore to potential customers. Each page should be unique in its approach and content.

Include an accurate and honest description of what you do, what your painting business does, and where it does it. It’s also important to include a Call-to-action in the meta descriptions which helps with click through rate from Google to your website.

How much time should you spend on SEO?

It depends on how much time you spend doing actual painting. If your core business is painting, then you should be spending less time on SEO. Let a professional SEO agency work on your SEO campaign.

By keeping these two realities in mind, painters can do a better job of allocating their limited time and still get a decent amount of exposure online.

Don’t Forget Mobile Optimization

Getting customer traffic and leads on mobile device is crucial to painting businesses these days.  Simply because half of the customers are using their mobile phones to search for a painter.

If you want to appeal to potential customers in their moment of need, mobile optimization for painters is important. People are doing research on mobile devices more and more everyday, and ranking on Google mobile search results is its own beast. You need to optimise your website specifically for mobile to rank well on Mobile. Talk to us about SEO optimisation for mobile.

Interested in how to get an experienced SEO agent for a good start? Read more about How to Select the Right SEO Agency for Your Painting Business.

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