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How to Select the Right SEO Agency for Your Painting Business

How do you know if you’ve found the right SEO agency to help grow your painting business? There are numerous factors that come into play when looking at SEO agencies and knowing which ones will get you tangible leads and sales down the road.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to select the right SEO agency for your painting business.

Business strategy

One of your main responsibilities as a business owner is strategizing. When it comes to choosing an SEO agency, you’ll need to think strategically to make sure that you get more traffic and generate more business.

Choose an agency that offers strategic thinking for painters and be ready for years of growth with a solid SEO strategy. You would want to find out from the conversations and meetings whether the SEO agency is putting themselves in your shoes and genuinely interested in your business for long run.

The team

There is no denying that your website’s rankings depend largely on keyword research, content, and links. If an agency doesn’t have an experienced SEO team for painters, then they are going to struggle with delivering results in an industry as specific as painting and decorating.

Consider working with an agency who has worked with painting businesses before, rather than just general SEOs.

Client satisfaction

The best way to know how good an SEO agency is, you should go to ask a client of theirs. You may find that asking a handful of previous clients about their experience with a potential SEO provider will yield an accurate—and impartial—representation of that company’s abilities.

Process and structure

SEO is a process-oriented activity and choosing an agency that offers a well-structured approach would help get things started on the right foot. Make sure that they have an in-house team of skilled professionals who are dedicated and stay current with best practices in SEO.

Consultants and agencies may engage other external resources and tools but should be able to show you how they employ their own people as core members of their project teams.

Try to find out if the agency you are going to sign up with has a stable and comprehensive team structure.

Content creation

Remember that search engines are always evolving, and with them so is content creation. As such, new kinds of content need to be created for today’s search engine users. The more frequently you publish original articles on your website that directly answer your target customers’ questions, you can begin earning a higher rank in search results through consistent content creation. So ask the SEO agency, how good are they at generating content for the Painting business /industry.


As any marketer will tell you, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. Data collection and reporting is an important part of ensuring that an SEO campaign is on track and delivering results. If you don’t have these data points in place, it can be difficult to understand how your SEO efforts are impacting your bottom line. Without proper reporting, analytics, and KPIs (key performance indicators), choosing an SEO agency becomes a bit of a shot in the dark. Make sure your new SEO agency can track results and provide regular reports on the SEO campaign progress.

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