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Queensland Small Business Grant

Are you a Queensland business wanting to build a new website or promote your business online? The Queensland government just made it easier for you.

QLD businesses can now apply for business grants up to $5,000 (Excl. GST) under the Business Basics Grants Program, and use it towards website design and development, as well as SEO (Search engine optimisation) services.

Business Grant Application Open Now

The small business grant application opens from 4th May 2022. Find out more on the QLD government website here.

To Apply for the Business Grant, the Queensland Business needs to:

  1. Have less than 20 employees
  2. Operating with an active ABN
  3. Be registered for GST
  4. Based in Queensland
  5. Estimated annual turnover less than $300,000

For the full list of eligibilities, please check on the QLD government website.

Eligible Activities for the Grant:

  • Website build or upgrades
  • Adding e-commerce function
  • Strategic marketing plans including search engine optimisation advice
  • Developing new website content
  • Professional business advice
  • Business plans
  • Training and coaching

Request a web development and/or SEO proposal to complete your application

There is a large number of businesses applying for the grant, please get in touch with us as soon as possible if you’d like a quote from us to use in your grant application.

Contact Jacky at Digital Channel via email or call us on 0412 213 697.

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