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Perfect Renovation Sydney is a privately held construction company with an experienced renovation team since 2002.The team members are passionate about its work and have more than 15 years experience in housing construction,especially bathroom and kitchen renovation.They hope to enhance their business and provide customers with a variety of quality services through online channels.

Perfect renovation Website:

Project—web design 

They wanted to build a website with professional and abundant case for residential construction. The team at Digital Channel built the website showcasing a variety of bathroom and kitchen renovation projects.When browsing the website, potential customers can view every case designed by the Perfect Renovation in the past, and can easily feel a sense that the team of carefully hand-picked trades people are professionals, each specializing in their niche area and work as one seamless team to ensure the timing and quality is precise.

“I really appreciate the website designed by the Digital Channel team. It looks beautiful and composed, and fully meets our needs. Moreover, facts have proved that this customized website has really brought more influence and attention to our company.”