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SETTE Posta Cafe

Project – Setteposta Cafe

Setteposta Cafe, located in NSW, is a newly established restaurant which provides breakfast and lunch breaks. It also offers services for business meetings, birthday celebrations, workshops functions. It hope to gain more attention and build up a good online presence so that they can attract more customers to the restaurant.

Setteposta Cafe Website:

Project – Setteposta Cafe

It wanted to project a warm, fresh and sophisticated image, so the team at Digital Channel was asked to create a customized website with warm and vibrant colours, showcasing their delicious meals. Our team made stunning galleries to present the appealing food. Setteposta also wanted their location to be easily seen, so we put the opening hours along with the google map to guide their potential consumers.

“The website turned out to be really good! I think the look of it genuinely shows our passion for culinary work and for all the people who want to come to our restaurant.