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Flooring2 you

Project—Flooring2 you

Flooring2 you is a young Canberra flooring installation company, which specialise in flooring and can get floorings done in a few simple steps. There are more than 200 flooring styles to choose from. They hope to build a website to enhance their business through an online presence and search engine optimization.

Flooring2 you Website: https://flooring2you.com.au/

Project—web design 

The team at Digital Channel designed the website by displaying the detailed information of direct factory price,high quality products, door to door delivery, quick installation and others the customers are interested in.The whole website shows a professional and formal style, which helps appeal customers’ attention.

“This website perfectly shows our requirements and looks elegant and beautiful. As time goes by, the traffic and attention it has accumulated for us are obvious. Digital channel is an excellent and intimate partner!”