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Art Space

Project—No 5. Art Space 

No 5. Art Space is a creative space in Eastgarden Sydney, offering a wide variety of art and other classes for children, teens and adults. The purpose of the studio is to provide a space for the students to learn, play, create and have fun.It hopes to publicize their characteristic courses and experienced teachers to clients through an online website.

No 5. Art Space Website:

Project—web design 

No 5. Art Space’s goal is to create a meaningful connection with their students by sharing with them their skillfull experience and artists via the website. The team at Digital Channel listed out a wide variety of classes for students all ages and levels by designing an artistic page filled with the studio and course photographs.

“Through the website designed by the Digital Channel for us, more parents and kids learn about our art studio, the website also helps bring more guests.We appreciate it a lot!”