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Project—WB Legal

As a leading international law firm in Australia, WB Legal has won many industry awards.

Adhering to the concept of international vision and wisdom, WB Legal aims to build a one-stop legal service platform for China and Australia. WB Legal hopes to have a customized website which can present its all business area and multiple legal departments covering different legal fields, including company law, family law, criminal law, civil law, immigration law, etc.

WB Legal Website: https://www.wblegal.com.au/

Project—web design 

The main purpose is to make clients familiar with the company’s business scope and service level.Therefore,the team at Digital Channel selects an introduction of arrangement mode,so that clients can obtain information more conveniently and intuitively.They can make online reservations directly on the website.

“Our website finally looks fresh, sophisticated and professional. We really received a lot of online consultation through the website, which greatly improved our work efficiency. Moreover, many customers are very busy and have no time, so it also helps our customers.Thank Digital Channel!”