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Dr Loretta

Project – Dr Loretta

Dr Loretta is a skincare brand named after Dr. Loretta, who has 40 years of dermatology experience. The products are natural, which combine medical-grade active ingredients with plant-based ingredients. In their web design, they want to share their latest product offerings along with useful educational information.

Dr Loretta Website: https://drloretta.com/

Project – Dr Loretta

In designing the Dr Loretta website, we adhered to the natural appearance of the brand and used advanced ash to match the colour of the product. In order to highlight the activity information of the brand, we designed the pop-up page when entering the website, which can effectively show the latest discounts for customers. Modular design was also used in the homepage to clearly display information under different themes. With the pop-up dialog box, users can shop with no worries.

“The design of the site is very appropriate. Both the application of color and the layout of information meet our requirements. Shopping here is also simple, with each section complementing each other, making it easy to navigate.