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Tasty Buns

Project – Tasty Buns

Tasty Buns is a bakery in downtown Hobart known for its snacks and desserts. Tasty Buns is available for 12 hours Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. Tasty Buns hopes to increase its website and storetraffic by showcasing their wide range of authentic Chinese dim sim and beverages.

Tasty Buns Website: https://thetastybuns.com/

Project – Tasty Buns

Tasty Buns wanted to create a family atmosphere through the design of the website, so the overall style of the website was mainly warm colors. Different sections showed the jump information of product purchase, user’s word of mouth, recommended dishes, brand story and brand information respectively. Customers can easily find the desired section to query and read.

“The web design fits our restaurant style. The colors match the character of our dishes. The messages are clear and definite. Most importantly, it’s very easy to use.