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Honest Painting

Project – Honest Painting

Honest Painting is a Painting service provider with 30 years of experience, working with both residential and commercial projects. They hope that through the website customers can understand their service and expertise, urging customers to make inquiries via the website.

Honest Painting Website: https://honestpainting.com.au/

Project – Honest Painting

To show the interactivity of the site, Digital Channel used vibrant colours of orange and blue. Our mission was to establish a channel for the company to communicate with customers, and with the personality of the company. Facilitate transactions through case studies and quote estimates.

“Digital Channel really understands the requirements of the website. At the same time, it shows professionalism and cases, but also vitality. In the later stage, customers have given feedback that the website is very good, and it is easy to find cases that meet personal needs and get the budget.