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Project—Marssian Learning

Marssian Learning is an institution or platform for education facilities for the kids,bringing together some of Australia’s best tutors who mentor young children in private or small group tutoring sessions.The Marssian Learning was long established with quality and experience.It wanted to establish a good online presence,which could obtain parents’ trust and help to build the children’s confidence.

Marssian Learning Website:

Project—web design 

The team at Digital Channel mainly lists all curriculum designs and training programs of the Marssian Learning, and displays them in childlish photos and words. When looking at website, parents can plainly get the knowledge of the training methods and professionalism, increasing their trust with the Marssian Learning.

“There are a host of inspirational expert tutors experienced to invest in students academic future and deliver personalised services based on child’s needs just showing in the website.Thanks to the web design made by the Digital Channel team for us, which has brought us huge traffic and popularity.”