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Project – ACS Realty Service 

ACS Realty Service is a real estate property management company specialising in providing property management services in Sydney. Their business focus is on providing customers with solutions tailored to their needs. We hope to provide customers with the best customer service experience in the industry.

ACS Realty Service Website:

Project – ACS Realty Service 

ACS Realty Service wanted to be flexible and warm in the design of the website, so the design of the website shows a lively and interactive atmosphere through the application of elements and color collocation.

Different business modules show different dynamic effects with the movement of the cursor, so that customers can better understand the content when browsing the web page; The main business solutions were also displayed on the home page with simple letters logo to help customers understand the services and products on offer,which is in line with ACS Realty Service’s vision of customer service.

“Overall, the web is designed in the assurance of rich content and at the same time to ensure a concise style. The combination of different elements made the site feel interactive, conform to our initial expectations and our corporate tone.