KLW - Digital Channel


Project – KLW Tax

KLW Tax is a tax and accounting company which provides tax and accounting services to hundreds of companies. They hope to be able to promote their business and gain more sources of clients through online channels.

KLW Tax Website: https://www.klwtax.com.au/

Project – website design

KLW Tax aims to build a website with a collected and sophisticate look showing potential customers a professional and experienced image of the company. And all their business needed to be presented on the website along with contact information, and our team were also asked to help blogs posted to offer answers to possible questions and gain the customers’ trust.

“I really appreciate the final look of our website. It looks professional and composed. And we do receive new orders through online website. Many people now don’t have time for an offline consultation, so online communication solve the problem. It in deed helped our business.