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Key Metrics to Monitor in SEO

Monitoring and ongoing measurement of SEO are critical for a successful optimisation campaign. For those that understand the process, you are likely to be aware that you can’t just set it up and leave it to get results. While your competitors are striving to further their reach and get above you in page ranking, you need to constantly measure and monitor to achieve results.

As a reputable SEO agency, we provide our clients with updates on these metrics regularly. We advise that you avoid working with agencies that favour theoretical improvements over the reliability of key metrics. In this guide, we will outline five metrics that are key to measuring the efficiency of your campaign, so read on and learn how progress is measured.

Keyword Ranking

One of the best ways of measuring the success of your SEO campaign is keyword rankings. Before moving forward with anything, your keywords must be planned, so they can appear on Google, and your website ranks on the first page and aiming for the first position.

Our team focuses on keywords that will encourage transactions from consumers; this means they are likely to drive business KPIs through sales, leads, and inquiries.

Throughout your SEO campaign, there should be a notable increase in the number of target keywords ranking on page one of Google. Additionally, like any type of campaign, it’s essential to have short, medium and long-term goals, so you have an idea of how you wish to move forward within the first months and moving forward. If you want to know more details about keyword ranking, this article offers more detailed insights

Traffic Conversions

While measuring traffic to your website is one thing, but measuring the conversion rate is a whole other element. Conversions require looking at key metrics, including:

  • Clicks per conversion
  • Cost per conversion
  • Customer journey
  • Average page views
  • What call to action is obtaining the highest conversion rate
  • Which pages are driving conversion

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is an ideal service for a website receiving many visits, but conversion numbers are low. CRO, the process of increasing the number of visitors who take action, can include:

  • Making a phone call
  • Sending an enquiry
  • Making purchase
  • Sending an email
  • Adding items to a cart

Conversion will mean something different to every business. However, what isn’t different is the process of CRO. It is an essential step in monitoring SEO and how users navigate and take action – whatever that looks like for your business.

Organic Traffic Monitoring

One of the essential aspects of SEO metrics is adequately monitoring your website traffic. You can access an accurate picture of this in Google Search Console, where it records how many users are being reached through organic search on your website.

In Google Analytics, there is some valuable information on the overall website effectiveness.

For accuracy, however, Console gives a clearer understanding of your organic performance. It will provide you with insight into SEO monitoring metrics you should be including, such as:

  • Organic traffic by keyword
  • Total organise traffic
  • Organic traffic to pages

Actively monitoring your organic search traffic will give you insight into when users visit your site most often. With this data, you can make the right changes to your website at the right time.

Bounce Rate Monitoring

While getting consumers to visit your site is important, keeping them there is essential and not always easy to achieve. However, effectively monitoring SEO and looking at percentages of your visitors will give you insight into single-page views known as bouncing from a website.

This information will give you insight into the time spent on a single page before leaving. Having insight into the bounce rate will show you what may need improvement on your website, especially if the rate is high.

To reduce the bounce rate on your website, you can:

  • Improve the speed at which your page loads
  • Internal linking between pages
  • Create a clear and captivating call to actions
  • Keep it simple
  • Create positive user experiences

Moving forward, Google uses bounce rate metrics when ranking websites.

Domain Rating Monitoring

Domain Authority or rating is a way to monitor domain level improvements of your website over time. Both these tools aim to provide insight into the ease and difficulty of ranking competitive keywords based on domain strength.

Our team believe that metrics in this form gives an accurate understanding of the potential of your domain ranking. However, it’s best not to get too focused on these metrics because while they are helpful to track the progression of a domain, they don’t measure SEO for website success. Over time, the critical metrics to look at are organic traffic and conversions because they will drive improvements with time.

Work With Our Professionals for Effective SEO Monitoring

When you hear the word SEO metrics, it can be overwhelming. If you aren’t a professional in the area, it can be hard to know where to start. That is why we do what we do; our experienced team can guide you through the process regardless of the size of your business because we like to help you move forward with conversions and growth.

Taking the next step is as simple as using a professional SEO agency in Sydney to guide your business by monitoring, measuring and adjusting SEO elements. Each company will have goals established that are individual to them to help them improve website visibility.

Get in touch with our Sydney SEO team, and we will help you move your business forward for now and beyond.

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