How Long does Google take to index my website?

How Long does Google take to index my website?

A number of crucial factors will affect how long it takes for Google to crawl and index your website. One of the most frequent inquiries we get from newly established website owners is: “I set my site live two weeks ago and Google still hasn’t indexed it, how come?” The truth is that in 2023 it will be much harder to have a website indexed and crawled by Google than it was five or six years ago. Google’s crawlers are very busy; according to the most recent data, there are more than 200 million active websites worldwide, and Google has more than 55 billion web pages indexed. Websites must be simple to crawl in 2023 and provide visitors with value. Publishing identical, duplicated, or low-quality content may cause your website to be less favored by Google, hence not indexed frequently.

How Long does Google take to index my website?

The scale and intricacy of your site’s structure will determine how long it takes Google to index your website. Google need 4 days to 6 weeks to index smaller websites, while larger websites might take up to 3 months. Generally speaking, Google will take longer to crawl and index a website if the bigger it is and the more similar the content is across different web pages (think: e-commerce sites with thousands of similar pages).

Indexing time by website size

  • Small websites (less than 100 pages) – 4-days to 6-weeks
  • Medium websites (up to 1,000 pages) – 14-days to 12-weeks
  • Large websites (1,000+ web pages) – 1-month to 6-months
  • Extra Large websites (100,000+ web pages) – 6-months+

These numbers should only be used as a guide. Numerous technical aspects, the caliber of your website’s content, and the sector in which it operates will all affect how long it takes Google to index your website. We advise discussing with an SEO specialist if your website goes over the aforementioned deadlines by more than 50% because there might be more serious problems at hand.

How can I make Google index my site faster?

Create a website that is simple for Google to crawl and share material that is deserving of being featured in Google’s index if you want to remain on top. It will take longer for search engines to index your website if crawl bots are unable to access, identify, and crawl all of the different pages on it. Below are 10 steps to follow to help Google index your website faster:

  1. Develop an internal linking structure that promotes website crawling
  2. Check for website faults or usability issues
  3. Update your website frequently and add fresh information.
  4. Acquire trustworthy backlinks from other websites.
  5. Enhance website structure and fundamental technical SEO guidelines
  6. Create a dynamic XML sitemap and submit it to Google Search Console
  7. Create an HTML sitemap for your website and update it whenever a page is changed.
  8. Require an individual URL crawl (note: this is not as effective as it once was)
  9. Syndicate fresh content throughout social networking sites
  10. Produce informative website content

How can I check whether my website has been crawled by Google?

You need to set up and become familiar with Google Search Console in order to find out if Google has scanned your website or when a page was last indexed. A new web page’s average crawl time might range from three days to four weeks. Once Google Search Console has been set up:

  1. Google Search Console login
  2. Go to “Settings” in the menu on the left.
  3. Look under “Settings” and select “Crawl Stats”
  4. Choose “Open Report”
  5. Read the “Crawl Requests Breakdown” section to find crawl by response code

That is all! You may find out when a Google crawler last viewed a particular website page by looking at the crawl requests broken down by response code.

Wrapping up

The Google crawl bots are in high demand because there are more than 55 billion indexed web pages and 200 million active websites, therefore your website needs to be useful and accessible in order to be indexed by Google faster.

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