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Does Google Still Use Meta keywords?

Does Google Still Use Meta keywords in 2023 as a ranking signal?

No, Google does not use the meta keywords tag as a ranking signal anymore.  

The keywords meta tag is not used to rank web search results, according to a Google article posted on the Google Search Central Blog on September 21st, 2009.

To put it simply: in 2023, you shouldn’t waste any time adding meta keywords to your website. They are no longer relevant for SEO because Google doesn’t utilize them to determine ranking signals and they don’t bring any value for users.

Matt Cutts states in the video from 2009:

“You know what, too many people have spammed that too much. We really (just) don’t use this information at all.”

Cutts further illustrates that other search engines might utilize meta keywords to interpret data and rank pages. Google does not, however, give this data any weight.

“At least for Google, we don’t use that (meta keywords) information in our ranking even in the least little bit.”

Why did Google stop looking at the meta keywords?

Since SEO specialists and marketers were abusing them and employing them excessively, Google stopped using meta keywords as a ranking component.

Meta keywords are no longer taken into account when determining rankings, as Matt Cutts stated in the video above, as a result of their excessive (and sometimes ruthless) use by SEOs and marketers trying to manipulate their way to the top of search results. Google made the decision to stop using them as a ranking criterion because search engine marketers used and misused them.

The lesson of the tale? Search engine optimization specialists will constantly hunt for an easy way to the top of the search results because people can’t always have pleasant things.

Why are you talking about meta keywords since they are already outdated?

You are correct; meta keywords are outdated and shouldn’t be a topic of conversation for any SEO expert worth their salt.

Having said that, as an SEO company, we answer nearly all inquiries from potential customers concerning SEO. We also receive a lot of websites from SEO firms that (appears to) have no genuine understanding of what influences a website’s Google ranking.

Should I delete meta keywords from my website?

Google makes no recommendations about the removal of meta keywords from websites. Simply said, Google recommends that they are unworthy, and they won’t affect search engine ranking positions.

Thus, there is no need to preserve meta keywords if they were introduced to your website more than ten years ago or if you or an SEO partner added them there in vain. We advise to eliminate meta keywords from your website if doing so would be time-consuming or demand a considerable investment of your effort. The time you would spend getting rid of them would be better spent on website optimization, content creation, or purchasing new website links.

So, meta keywords in 2023 – what’s the thought?

Easy- don’t add meta keywords to your website. Google ignores them and they won’t improve your search engine visibility.

We would advise spending your time somewhere else such as meta title and meta description, building quality content and backlinks, as well as improving page load speed that are still the most important ranking factors.

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