what is the click through rate on SEO search results?

what is the click through rate on SEO search results?

Position number 1 on Google is what everyone wants, but it commands a massive 31.77% of all organic clicks. Position 2 gets 24.71% of the organic clicks and just a further smaller percentage of 18.66% for position 3. This was all recently discovered in a recent study which also revealed how invaluable that top spot on Google search result is for businesses.

Google Click-Through Rate

For marketers with experience, they will know that dropping off from position 1 to 10 on Google is not uncommon or a surprise. While the top three spots are wanted by businesses because they deliver significant value for their brand, they understand that sharp drop-offs happen.

Potentially, Google ads are affecting CTR from organic searches, and this is becoming evidently become more significant over the last few years. The number of ads in the organic listing for key terms is currently four at the top and three at the bottom.

Improving Organic Click-Through Rates

While it’s no small task, as a SEO agency, we can increase your organic CTR by using the following strategies:


  1. Optimising Titles

Writing concise copywriting is a learned skill which is why we have staff that specialise in this area. Some principles help with writing the most concise headlines that are practical tools for improving your rankings, which include using:

  • Emotions
  • Numbered lists
  • Are relatable

Arming yourself with as much knowledge as you can by reading up on copywriting can help you formulate some compelling titles that are effective.


  1. URL Optimisation

Optimising your URL is one of those simple ways you can work towards bettering your rankings. One of the best practices you can follow is keeping things readable because users want as much simplicity as possible. Other options include:

  • Use Keywords in the URL
  • Match URL’s to titles
  • Remove punctuation characters
  • Avoid stop words – like, but, or, etc.
  • Keyword stuff is spammy, so it is to be avoided


  1. Meta Description

While they don’t affect ranking, meta-description can increase CTR, which is good for rankings. Effective meta should serve to draw the consumer to click on it. An example includes:

Stay ahead of the pack with stretchy jeans where the fit is perfect for every occasion. Pay now or later with Afterpay at Stretchy Joes. It serves well to mention your brand and what you do, e.g. buy now.

Final Thoughts

CTR is essential for SEO because your main aim is for consumers to go to your website and engage with your content. It also helps Google determine your ranking. Either way, optimisation will work towards getting you the results you want to move your business forward.

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