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SEO for Tradies in Sydney:

✓ Rank your Tradie website on Google's first page in 2-3 months
✓ Affordable and Transparent SEO solution for Tradies
✓ Trusted by dozens of Tradies in Sydney

Real Customers, Real Results

Real Customers, Real Results

How Much Can SEO Help Grow a Trades business?

Rank on First Page of Google in 2-3 Months

We’ve invested a lot of effort into building a team of SEO specialists who can get your tradie website on the top page of Google for critical keywords in two to three months.

Increase in Website Traffic of 30-60%

At Digital Channel, we support an ethical, white hat, and all-encompassing SEO strategy to raise website ranks. The tradie websites we work with typically experience a 30–60% increase in traffic.

30% Increase in Sales

After we help our tradie customers’ websites rank on Google’s first page for their target keywords, they frequently experience a boost in sales of more than 30%.

SEO Specialist Trusted by Sydney Businesses

Included in our Tradie SEO services are:

  • Redesigning or improving a website to prepare it for SEO
  • Website backend SEO optimisation
  • SEO Title Tag, Meta Description, Alt Tag, and Other On-Page Optimisation
  • Writing blog posts and webpage copy for SEO
  • Using social media backlinks for SEO
  • Link Building for Keywords on website
  • Google Keyword Ranking Monitoring
  • Analysing other tradie competitors

No matter how fresh or seasoned the website, our SEO experts have a proven track record of improving SEO results for tradie businesses in Sydney.

What You Get From Our SEO Service

Customized Approach

At Digital Channel, we believe in an ethical, white hat, holistic and solution-driven approach to improving search engine rankings.

Experienced Specialists in SEO

We have worked hard over the years to build up a team of SEO specialists and wordpress developers that can help you get found online.

Formal and Comprehensive Strategies

To ensure our client’s websites are getting their full potential out of search engines like Google and Bing, our team works with your wordpress website on a comprehensive range of strategies such as keyword research/analysis, technical optimisation and link building.

Tradie SEO FAQs

The target keyword you wish to rank for will be determined first. Then, after coming up with a plan to rank for that word swiftly, we’ll gradually put it into practise.

It typically takes two to five months for keywords to go up to Google’s first page of search results, and for the website to noticeably increase traffic and leads. The following variables affect how long it takes to appear on Google’s first page:

  • How many other tradies are targeting the same keyword,
  • How long have other competitors been targeting the same keyword
  • How established or optimised is your website
  • How much content and backlink building are you doing each month

Our SEO services typically cost between $1,000 and $2,000 per month. Depending on the following variables, the cost of the service varies from client to client:

  • The level of competition for the selected keywords
  • The quantity of target keywords that we would focus on each month
  • Whether a change to the website’s structure or landing pages is necessary

The quantity of blog posts and/or landing page material that needs to be written

Yes, we offer local SEO services to many of our trades customers that wish to target local clients in particular. Think about keywords such as “parramatta plumber”, “north Sydney electrician”, “north shore painter” etc. We can help you rank on Google map first page.

No, we are unable to guarantee that your website will be on Google’s front page. The explanation is that Google’s ranking system, which shifts on a weekly and monthly basis, naturally determines SEO ranks. There is no magic trick that will guarantee that a website will remain on Google’s top page, but we can do everything in our power to help rank your website as high as possible and as quickly as possible.

It takes between three and six months for a brand new website that hasn’t had any SEO treatment to appear on the top page of Google’s search results. It could take more time if the market or keyword is particularly competitive. Therefore, before beginning an SEO project, we provide a free keyword study to the potential customer to give them a rough estimate of how long it will take to rank on the first page of Google.

We may be able to swiftly find remedies for specific technical issues and increase the keyword rankings on an existing website that has previously received SEO treatment in as little as two to three months. Please contact us so that we can do a free SEO audit of your site and offer customised recommendations for improving its performance, given that the SEO history of each website is unique.

Your website might not rank for a variety of reasons. Examples of this could be, but are not limited to:

  • Materials that are out of current or badly worded
  • The negative effects of poor coding on a page SEO
  • Lack of external links (backlinks)
  • The SEO site is not optimised for mobile use

We’ll assist you in determining which keyword phrase to optimise for initially.

We will then devise a strategy to improve our keyword ranking over the next few months. Content revisions, new blog posts, link-building, and tweaks to the Google My Business profile are all possible outcomes.

Get in touch with us by phone or email if you have any questions about our SEO for tradie service. If you’d like, we may perform an SEO audit of your site at no cost. We welcome the opportunity to assist your company with a complimentary keyword analysis.

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If you want to boost your SEO rankings and generate more business through your business website, our professional SEO team is for you! For a free SEO consultation, call 02 9138 0667.

We partnered with digitalchannel to optimise our website landing page. Then they helped us identify easy keywords to target and get website traffic within three months for our dental business in Chatswood. Our industry is competitive, but they are doing a great job for our SEO.

What a helpful bunch. After being scammed by another SEO company, I was recommended digitalchannel by our friend and I now know why. They are quick to respond, actioned fast on the SEO things. Now we have more keywords ranking on Google first page after 4 months working with the team. The traffic and business inquiries are all that matter to us.

Digital Channel was the third SEO company we tried with. They pointed out what was wrong with our previous SEO work, and helped us lift the SEO rankings and performance in a few weeks’ time. And that all happened last year. We now look at a healthy amount of leads every month from SEO for our insolvency business in Sydney.

We started with Digital channel probably three years back for our decking wholesale business in Melbourne. We still remembered when the first keyword got to Google’s first page and we got a few calls from the customers asking for the decking product samples. Now we rank for more than 150 keywords on Google. Leads and sales are consistent with SEO, and provide good ROI as a marketing method. Well done.

Looking for the right agency can seem daunting.

We make it simple.

SEO Works All Done Locally in Sydney

We are a Sydney-based team of SEO consultants, copywriters, and web developers who specialise in providing SMBs with effective SEO tactics and custom web development solutions. With over 30 years of expertise between us, we cut out the middlemen and work directly with our clients on their websites and SEO strategies.

In order to realise your vision, our team of innovative thinkers analyses your website and learns everything we can about your company. In order to help our clients expand their online presence through search engine optimisation (SEO), we provide them with timely and high-quality results regardless of the keywords they use or the industry in which they operate.


No matter what industry you’re in, give us a call and see how we can help you elevate your online marketing.

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