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Doona is a visionary company committed to improving and simplifying the lives of parents by introducing innovative products and solutions. Innovation is the heart of Doona’s products, it’s also Doona’s passion. They hope to attract more buyers’ attention and get more customers by building a rich and advanced online shopping experience.

Doona Website:

Project—web design 

The team at Digital Channel was asked to create a customized website,with the brief of presenting an aesthetically pleasing online shopping site. The website showcases various kinds of distinctive innovative products, highlighting Doona’s values of coming up with new ways that impact people’s lives without compromising on functionality, quality or safety.

“Thank you very much for the website designed for us by the team at Digital Channnel. The sophisticate look makes our products more attractive. Many people decide to place orders by browsing the product details introduction, price and comments online. Our sales have been greatly improved indeed.”