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Looking for A SEO Specialist in Strathfield?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) may significantly impact how much traffic and leads your Strathfield-based company receives from its website. You may generate more traffic, leads, and revenue in two to six months when you score well in Google search results for queries pertaining to your industry.

To help your company stand out in Strathfield and the nearby Strathfield areas, Digital Channel will use efficient local SEO tactics. Numerous Strathfield-based firms in the service industries, retail, and trades have benefited from our assistance.

Ji Huang
Ji Huang
Prompt response. Reasonably priced. Very accommodating. Highly recommended.
chi qiao
chi qiao
A friend of us recommended Digital Channel to us, nice guys, easy to deal with. Helped us implement the SEO things quite quickly. We are getting a few leads from the website nowadays.
Chester Wenlee
Chester Wenlee
we have worked with Jacky and Mia at Digital channelfor a few years on our website and online campaigns. They know a lot about the wordpress sites, and online marketing. Great team to work with.
Willien Jakes
Willien Jakes
Built us a new wordpress website for our flooring business in Sydney. It is clean, nice and stylish. Nothing to complain about.
Xiaojun Zhou
Xiaojun Zhou
Jacky is so professional and helpful!! We had great experience and outcome with SEO strategy!! THANK YOU!!
Xiaomeng Yu
Xiaomeng Yu
Great service!
Yi Liu
Yi Liu
Professional, always think the best way for client.
Si Yuan Huang
Si Yuan Huang
Worked with Jacky. Provided great advice and was very generous with sharing his experiences and expertise. Professional in the way they deal with us. Website was built in 4-5 weeks time as we needed the site urgently. Couldn’t be happier.
yuying wei
yuying wei
From the first call we had with Jacky and Mia, they have been professional and easy to work with. They delivered the web design draft to us wihtin 2 weeks, we were happy with the design, then they went on and built it for us on Wordpress platform. The website turned out to be so much better than the old site we had. We would have no hesitation in recommending them for web design service.

How SEO functions for businesses in Strathfield

You will reach more prospects and increase sales conversions for your company in the Strathfield region when you use SEO to improve the keyword rankings of your website. A solid local SEO strategy and action plan are essential if you want to maximise your SEO results.

In Digital Channel, we are skilled in assisting neighbourhood businesses in obtaining SEO results as quickly as possible.

Our in-house web developers and locally based SEO staff support Digital Channel’s SEO skills.  In order to influence your company’s SEO strategy in the right way, our committed SEO specialists will put themselves in your position.

How Much Can SEO Help Your Strathfield Business Grow

Rank on Google’s First Page within 2-3 Months

Over the years, we have worked hard to put together a team of WordPress SEO experts who can help your WordPress site rank on the first page of Google for important keywords within two to three months.

30-60% Increase in Website Traffic

At Digital Channel, we believe in an ethical, white hat and holistic SEO approach to improve search engine rankings. On average, our clients’ website see 30-60% increase in traffic.

More Than 30% Increase in Sales

Our WordPress SEO clients often see more than 30% increase in sales acquisition after we get their websites rank on Google’s first page for their target keywords. In some cases, our WordPress SEO team help our customer double or even triple their sales.

FAQs on SEO Strathfield

Many of our clients commonly ask us what the difference is between SEO and Google AdWords (PPC ads) and which one is superior.

We use Google advertisements, sometimes referred to as pay per click advertisements, as a sort of search advertisement for certain keywords. For instance, we may run a Google Ad on the term “plumbers Strathfields” so that buyers can view your website.

Google SEO, on the other hand, uses a variety of website optimisation techniques to help a website rank higher in Google’s search results.

Google Ads and SEO are different in that the advertiser must pay per click each time a user clicks on a Google ad, regardless of whether they use your product or service. On the other hand, the owner of the website doesn’t have to pay Google anything when a user clicks on an SEO natural search result.

The benefit of using Google AdWords over Google SEO is that it takes less time to rank well and see prospective traffic and leads. It may, however, be significantly more costly to obtain traffic and/or leads than Google SEO due to the auction-style and bid-driven structure of Google Ads’ cost per click.

It would take 3 to 6 months for a brand-new website that hasn’t undergone any SEO treatment to rank on Google’s first page. It can take longer if the industry or keyword is very competitive. As a result, before beginning the SEO job, we often do a free keyword analysis with the prospective customer to give them a general sense of how long it will take to rank on Google’s first page.

We may be able to uncover rapid answers for certain technical problems on an existing website that has already undergone SEO treatment and boost the keyword rankings within 2-3 months. Each website’s SEO history is unique, therefore feel free to contact us so we can do a free SEO audit on your site and advise you on how to improve it.

The SEO cost varies depending on a few different criteria since Digital Channel offers customised SEO plans for each firm in Strathfield. For example:

  • How many keywords we must regularly optimise
  • How tough is it to rank these keywords on the first page of Google?
  • Do we have to create the client’s website text, or may they give their own?
  • The speed at which the customer wants to appear on Google’s first page will determine how many backlinks we need to assist create.
  • Do we need to assist the customer with writing blog posts to aid with keyword rankings?

In general, our clients in Strathfield’s pay between $1,000 and $2,000 per month for SEO services.

Your website may not be ranking for a variety of reasons. This may comprise, but is not limited to:

  • Outdated or ineffectively crafted content
  • Shoddy coding procedures
  • Negative on-page SEO
  • Absent off-site (Backlinks) SEO
  • Website not being optimised for mobile

In Australia, WordPress serves as the foundation for more than half of SME websites. These days, WordPress websites are created for a wide range of sectors, including trades and services, retail, manufacturing, real estate firms, etc.

Many neighbourhood companies want to gain from SEO by getting more clients. It is thus preferable to understand WordPress’ suitability for SEO. Our response is “yes.” We have worked on SEO campaigns for many clients who want to establish new WordPress websites or who currently have WordPress websites built.

WordPress is suitable with all the SEO tasks we need to do thanks to its flexible structure and plugins. Therefore, using WordPress for SEO optimisation is a fantastic idea.

We will first assist you in choosing the target term you wish to rank for.After that, we’ll develop a strategy for how to rank for that keyword over the next short- to medium-term. This would include tweaking the text, writing blog posts, constructing links, enhancing the Google My Business page, and so on.

Call us or email us an enquiry if you want to learn more about our SEO service for Strathfield companies. Your website may get a free SEO analysis from us. We are pleased to provide free keyword research for your company.

In two to five months, you should see an increase in site traffic and lead creation once your targeted keywords start appearing on the first page of Google’s search results. The elements that influence how long it takes to appear on the top page of Google include:

  • Is your company one of many competing for this keyword?
  • How long have competing companies been promoting using this keyword?
  • How popular is your site and how well optimised is it for search engines?
  • In a typical month, how many times do you add new content and how many new links do you make?

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If you want to boost your SEO rankings and generate more business through your website, our SEO team is here for you! For a free SEO consultation, call 02 9138 0667.

We partnered with digitalchannel to optimise our website landing page. Then they helped us identify easy keywords to target and get website traffic within three months for our dental business in Chatswood. Our industry is competitive, but they are doing a great job for our SEO.

What a helpful bunch. After being scammed by another SEO company, I was recommended digitalchannel by our friend and I now know why. They are quick to respond, actioned fast on the SEO things. Now we have more keywords ranking on Google first page after 4 months working with the team. The traffic and business inquiries are all that matter to us.

Digital Channel was the third SEO company we tried with. They pointed out what was wrong with our previous SEO work, and helped us lift the SEO rankings and performance in a few weeks’ time. And that all happened last year. We now look at a healthy amount of leads every month from SEO for our insolvency business in Sydney.

We started with Digital channel probably three years back for our decking wholesale business in Melbourne. We still remembered when the first keyword got to Google’s first page and we got a few calls from the customers asking for the decking product samples. Now we rank for more than 150 keywords on Google. Leads and sales are consistent with SEO, and provide good ROI as a marketing method. Well done.

SEO Works All Done Locally in Sydney

Located in Sydney, we are a team of experienced SEO consultants, copy writers and website developers who deliver comprehensive SEO strategies and website development solutions for our SME clients. With a combined 30+ years experience in the web and SEO industry, we believe in working directly with our clients without the so-called account managers.

As a progressive, forward-thinking team, we look at your website and fully understand your business to make your vision a reality. Regardless of the keywords or industry, we deliver quality and fast results to our clients, working seamlessly on SEO landing pages, content, link building, SEO for social media, and all other relevant aspects to help our clients grow online via SEO.

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No matter what industry you’re in, come and see how we can help you elevate your online marketing.

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